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Mobile application development

Today is a technological world where people gives a click on their cell phone instead of visiting a cyber cafe or opening their big lappy’s work. All is on one click away. Let it be related to service or products all on one click with the mobile app. With years of business awareness and best observes, they are very well experienced with the tools of Android software development. Our specialized Android app development services provide assurance that your app is optimized for performance, speed and appearance on Android devices.

Our Mobile development solutions include:

  • User analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Mobile strategy consulting
  • Mobile application development
  • Testing
  • Architecture mapping
  • Concept design
  • Submission to app store
  • Maintenance and upgrades.

Mobile Application Frameworks and APIs used:

  • CoreGraphics Framework
  • iAds Framework
  • MapKit Framework
  • MediaToolBox Framework
  • MessageUI Framework
  • OpenGLES Framework
  • QuartzCore Framework
  • Social Framework
  • StoreKit Framework
  • Twitter Framework
  • AddressBook Framework
  • AdSupport Framework
  • AudioToolBox Framework
  • CoreData Framework
  • CoreLocation Framework

Benefits of a Mobile App


We have ample experience to build and execute custom mobile apps for your brand or bring the next BIG idea you have to Life. Already a large number of corporate entities are using enterprise applications built on Mobile app platform with great success. Investing in mobile app development will benefit your business, as iOS custom apps can generate more revenue for your business than any other platform.

Easily Accessible

Mobile apps gives your customers the opportunity to access information from anywhere they access the Internet. There are two ways of using Enterprise Mobile App Development: they can be your sole form of business, or they can supplement your business.

High Quality

If you are planning to develop your app with the Android platform, rest assured in the premium quality offered by Android. Android has been known not to compromise on performance, even with the apps in their App Store.

Enhance customer experience and service

Customers can benefit from being able to access your company's services with greater ease. Keeping the lines of communication open is a major benefit to any business relationship. You can also stay in touch with your database by highlighting upcoming sales or special events by sending customers updates. With the iPhone, developers can make access to your company and its products or services very easy.

Our Technical expertise:
  • Experience in PhoneGap/ Cordova
  • Very strong in Javascript, specifically in React. Exposure to other frameworks like Angular and Backbone would be a huge plus
  • Mobile application quality assurance and testing
  • Application registration on Android Store
  • Regular maintenance and upgrades of Mobile applications

Submission to App store: Our team can publish the Mobile app under your name according to the policies and guidelines.

Why Choose Profecia Links for your Mobile Application Development


A dedicated team of Android developers assigned to your app development, who will work with you every step of the way.


Is this your first app? No problem! We will convert your ideas into a working reality. We collaborate with you on every step of the process, from the app development concept to publishing in app store.

Premium quality at a competitive price:

Most inexpensive app developers only offer basic, cookie-cutter apps. Most customized apps carry premium price tags. With Profrcia Links, we offer the best of both worlds, customized apps with an affordable cost.


Our developers have extensive experience with iOS development. Your project will not be their first.

The Total Package:

Viral apps depend on both development and design. Not all iOS development teams employ designers, but Profrcia Links does. Our clients depend on us to work on aesthetics and function simultaneously to produce visually-appealing iOS apps that work.


Apple continues to be cutting-edge with regular updates to its operating systems. Profrcia Links also offers the option of maintaining and updating your Mobile app after its completion so you can wow your customers with the latest features.

At Profecia Links, we pride ourselves in offering our clients responsive, competent and excellent services by creating cost effective mobile apps.
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