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Salesforce Development

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Our Profecia Family of Engineers comprise of certified Salesforce Developers which are constantly working with our customers to develop workflows and custom solutions inside Salesforce to fulfill there business requirements. With salesforce you don't change your business but tweak salesforce to adapt to your process. Salesforce User interface is very intuitive and allows a lot of customization which business users could even do themselves, for complex customization or third party integration Salesforce Provides Development Environment for Salesforce Developers to develop on it.

Profecia Links as your Salesforce Implementation Partner

Backed with a sound understanding of the applications, years of experience in Salesforce Implementation and capabilities of Salesforce,Profecia Links has successfully delivered high quality salesforce projects to clients from diverse industries spread out across the globe with a 100% satisfaction rate.

Extending SalesForce Functionality by creating custom Applications

SalesForce is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system offering a leading cloud computing platform concept that allows employees collaborate easily and connect with customers like never before. Salesforce CRM attaches an ease of management to the customer-business relationship through effective cloud computing technology. With evolution in Salesforce integration techniques, customers demand for more and more advanced services that can be satiated by extending existing features. Salesforce offers developer tools for third party developers that can be used to extend its feature set. The fact that Salesforce platform resides within a cloud entails certain recommended practices and brings up few limitations which a development firm needs to be aware of, and we understand this best. Our Engineers are well versed with Salesforce API's, Apex, Salesforce One and VisualForce technology. We provide salesforce development services to our customers starting from development to deployment of application on Salesforce Exchange Website.